Warrant: Cherry Pie Quality You Can Taste Dvd (1991)


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Total Running Time: APROX.80 minutes

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The Setlist:

Cherry Pie
I Saw Red
Blind Faith
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
I Saw Red (Acoustic version)


Quality You Can Taste it is an excellent video of Warrant. purchase this! to see clips of Warrant performing onstage at concerts, backstage and while they were on the road. Interviews also here, they did a good preview of what would become their nex album, Dog Eat Dog at Warrant singer Jani Lane sings “Let It Rain” all of which had Elvis Presley medleys to them. also shows Warrant’s celebrated USO appearance Air Force Base with the troops , and the end shows their “Rock the Vote” commercial- where Warrant told people to vote in the 1992 election . What was so cool about it is that they did it with attitude , politics, and the once beloved hair metal music.


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