Guns N Roses The Story 2008 Dvd


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Total Running Time: APROX.45 minutes

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The Story:

An in-depth history of the hard-rocking hell raisers, from their early beginnings and the success of ‘Appetite for Destruction’, through to their split and ultimate reformation.


Guns N’ Roses were the bad boys of rock and roll. Axl Rose, Slash, Duff and their mates took the music world by storm with their aptly titled first album, “Appetite for Destruction” featuring the hit single: “Welcome to the Jungle.” Bringing new influences such as blues, classic rock and punk to heavy metal, their fans embraced their “authentic” sound. No less an expert than Ozzy Osborne called them the next Rolling Stones. But ultimately internal pressures blew the band apart. Axl Rose is the only original member still with the band and hasn’t spoken to the media since 1994.


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